Here we are in the twenty-first century, third millenium, still dividing ourselves into pieces and parts. We identify with this religion or that, this political party or the opposition, liberal or conservative or somewhere between, “our” sports team, “our” alma mater. We note color, size, shape, age, gender, and gender…

I open this lap box of metal and plastic,

This small, inconsequential portion of my breath and being,

And it opens me to worlds of potential

And magic…really.

I forget it is still possible to walk down dark streets

Inside this little box;

Streets where listless monsters wait to try…


There is much talk of positivity these days. Think positive. Be positive. Affirm your goodness. All great suggestions for directing your energy level toward a healing trajectory.

However, from there the talk, the articles, the memes about positivity often devolve into grim hypocritical territory. Stay away from negative people. Remove…

Robin Reichert

Author, Earth Divine - Adventures of an Everyday Mystic speaker/storyteller, peace alchemist, artist, award-winning story Transformed,

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