Be Like the Deer — Bound Into the New Year With These Tips

Robin Reichert
3 min readJan 2, 2020

A gift for you a we begin the first day of the rest of our lives…

This morning I stood on the back porch observing a deer as she munched her way through the yard. Her innate ability to remain present with what is stood out as a simple yet profound lesson for we humans. She grazed with ease until a sound or movement caused her to raise her head. She looked around to see if any danger lurked nearby. With the realization that no wild cat or other predator stalked her, she went back to tranquil grazing.

Image by Pixabay

We humans have forgotten this ability. As fellow animals we were designed to stay present and react only when a real threat exists. Instead, we have learned to let fear-based beliefs (most often stemming from childhood wounding) get in the way of what is actually taking place. On too many occasions I have suffered difficulties with friends and family who decided in their own minds what my motives were. Instead of checking in with me about where I was coming from they allowed the story in their mind to grow out of control until my true motives no longer mattered. I am sure I am not alone in experiencing this type of scenario. I remember what it was like to make assumptions about someone else and the associated heartache I caused myself. That was before I started wondering why I was so miserable and sought professional help.

Look inside for the answers…

I discovered that the only way to reverse the false storytelling trends of the mind is to look inside yourself to see the source of your fear and remember that a belief is only a belief; belief is not truth. What follows self-inquiry in the process of healing is this: when you interact with others be like the deer. If you are unsure of someone’s intentions, check out the situation. Ask yourself if the dark, upsetting story you are telling yourself is true. Have you collected enough real present-time evidence? What emotion(s) are you feeling?

Now check in with the other person…

Your conversation might begin with, “I’m feeling ___X___ after hearing what you said about ___Y___. Will you tell me more so I can get your full meaning?” OR “When you did ___Y___ I felt ___X___. I don’t believe you were trying to hurt me, so can we please talk about it some more?”

The next crucial step is trust.

Listen carefully to what your partner is telling you and accept it as truth. If you still feel the difficult emotions from before you may need to ask a few more questions to clarify your understanding of your partner’s intentions. By now you should have enough information to dispel your fear-based belief and realize that the story your mind made up is not reality. This is a clue that something needs to change within yourself unless you want to continue hurting yourself with untruth.

When you do not continuously check things out with your inner and outer worlds, you invite the fears of your mind to drive you to your own personal hell. Check things out. Discover the truth. Trust. By doing so you are giving your heart and the power of Love full reign and that is heaven on earth!

My wish for you as we create a Happy New Year 2020 together, is greater self-awareness and the understanding that Love is the stronger power. The majority of humanity is not out to get you. We come into this world with an innate sense of doing good for others in our world. Trust goodness and 2020 will be the best year yet!

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