Creating Safety for Children

Robin Reichert
2 min readJun 9, 2022


Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the world’s children. They have so much to deal with that most of us didn’t have when we were kids. Though I don’t have my own blood children, I’ve had wonderful experiences that speak to the wisdom of children.

Any time we acknowledge that wisdom and respect what they have to say, I believe, we make a better world for them because they no longer see adults as “the enemy,” but rather as experienced allies. Whenever there is a child, of any age, in my midst I do my best to be available with a listening ear and wish the best for their lives. During these strange and stormy times, we can step up and be there when a child needs us.

Children so want and need to connect. Today, one little child, about 4 years old, stood with his older sister at the top of a very long driveway as I walked past. The boy yelled, “Hi there!” and offered an enthusiastic wave. My heart opened wide and I smiled a huge welcoming smile along with my own exuberant wave back. Both children giggled; a glorious sound that merged with the melody of bird song and gentle breezes.

A smile and a wave is such a small thing. Or is it? The mutual gestures caused a brilliant spot of light that encircled us all, a circle of completion. Children need to know that not all “strangers” are out to do them harm. They need to have some sense of safety in a world that so often presents itself as unsafe.

We who love and care about bettering this world can offer safety and peace and calm to children. Peace to you this day, and if you have any children in your immediate world hug them for me will you?

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