Love Taps — Guidance for Enjoying the Process of Co-Creation!

Robin Reichert
2 min readJun 9, 2022

Unseen forces of Light and Goodness stand at the ready, just waiting for you to ask for guidance. Sometimes God or whatever the Higher Power is to you, taps you on the shoulder to say, “I’m here and I love you!”

Higher Power knows today is a new day, a new beginning! The creative seeds you plant today will later flourish. The light of truth says that your latent potential, your gifts (even if they be unknown at this time) will be realized. Be patient.

In choosing a path of trust in Higher Power, remember you’re human. Though you may wish to reach the highest levels of understanding and wisdom in one fell swoop, there are almost always setbacks and obstacles to move past; the terrain of being human. It is important to ENJOY THE PROCESS of co-creating your life rather than pushing too hard to reach an unreasonable goal. Move with the high energy. Rest when you feel low.

If you are feeling overwhelmed it may be time to switch gears. Turn off news that is geared toward telling you the worst. At any time you can choose to see and enjoy the beauty that is still around you or create some of your own! Any beauty you focus on far outshines any darkness that looms.

Most often when Higher Power gives you a love tap, it arrives as an unmistakable sign, a mysterious or mystical happening that forces you to pay attention. Please don’t be alarmed. This is normal! Higher Power provides a road map for life when you interact via conversation — commonly called prayer. This unseen force invites you to grow. You may choose to grow in one aspect only (which keeps you in a sort of spiritual holding pattern) or access the full wisdom of life by transforming body/mind/spirit/emotions, always with angels and guides right there beside you pointing the way.

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