Radical Gratitude — The Road to Manifesting Success

Personal Worth = Belief in Yourself

In that sacred moment, prompted by precious words from my friend, I stopped equating my worth with belongings and acquisitions. That was my X’s issue, not mine. I got real with myself and began accepting my value as a person, whether I lived in a tent or a mansion. My mood improved and I noticed more bounce in my steps. I worked on my insides to further develop the positive attitude that lay dormant in my psyche. I am happy in a small home with few material things because I know happiness is an inside job rather than the result of how much stuff I can stockpile. A heartfelt sense of gratitude flooded into my being and the warmth of fullness and success were mine. Now, if I am tempted to believe in lack, I remind myself who I am and give thanks for all I have in present time.

Gratitude Brings Continued Blessings, Even in Crisis

My beloved 20 year career came to a halt with a crushing fall down a flight of stairs, and although I am still in the old mobile home, I recognized that my retirement approached despite the accident and am thankful to have the means to replace my home this coming year. I am also grateful to all the teachers who showed me so many methods for self healing, both physical and emotional. I am happy to say those methods help me tremendously whenever my back injury acts up or worry threatens my inner peace. I am grateful I have more time now to create through my writing, painting, and other artistic endeavors. Where will it all lead? I don’t know, but the fullness I feel expands out and touches others, based on the feedback I hear. If what I do in joy adds something to the life enjoyment of others, I am successful.

In conclusion I offer you these steps toward manifesting success:

  • Understand that your value as a human being is separate from the number and value of belongings you possess.
  • Offer gratitude for your life every day. Offer gratitude for good food, sunshine, a roof over your head, friends, clothes, and a body that can experience these things. Offer thanks, even for the difficulties in your life. You never know what good is just around the corner as a result of those difficulties. If you can find one thing or more each day to be thankful for, you are a success!
  • Give up worry. Easier said than done, I know, but once you realize worry gets you nowhere and sets you up in dark, heavy energy that drains you of creativity, let it go. Practice makes letting go easier. Your mood opens to improvement and the outer world will take notice. The universe will catch you with open arms. Success!
  • Maintain perspective and joy in what is and you are successful. The poorest people in the world are often the most joyful. Material goods manifest for some who bring themselves out of the gutter while others with great skill who work hard remain penniless. The concept of ‘manifesting’ is understood as getting anything you want and can be misconstrued in a capitalistic mindset. The fact is, success will look different for everyone. If everyone had ten mansions, 20 cars, 14 boats, and a personal jet, we would soon manifest ourselves out of existence because the planet cannot sustain such a thing. It is your attitude toward what you have and what you do that counts. This verse in Ecclesiastes from Biblical text says: “I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favor to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.
  • Stay in the present moment. The present is all you have. Outcomes are not guaranteed so let go of conceived outcomes and do joyful work as though nothing else matters and you will feel the fullness of success and abundant life.
  • Remember that the universe wants to give to you. It gives what you are willing to accept. It gives from the current of Love that is ever available to you. Believe you are worthy of receiving, develop a positive attitude, and success is already yours.
  • As suggested by a friend of mine, make lists of people who endured hardships and whose work went on to attain extraordinary success, even in later years. J.K. Rowling and Vincent van Goph come to mind; one lives to see her material success while the other gave up thinking himself unsuccessful. Let the stories of those people inspire you to keep going and NOT give up. Success is right there in front of you even when external conditions show you otherwise.



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Robin Reichert

Robin Reichert


Author, Earth Divine - Adventures of an Everyday Mystic speaker/storyteller, peace alchemist, artist, award-winning story Transformed, www.RobinHeartStories.com