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You want to complete the project your have worked on for years. You want good relationships. You want to see peace in the world. You want humane governance. You want a sustainable planet.

Here is how to have it all…

I have always believed Love with a capitol “L” could solve anything. At age fifteen I emptied my room of everything but a cork board with large balloon letters that spelled “LOVE” and “PEACE.” At first I thought Love was just a feeling to experience. I thought peace was something to create outside of myself.

Now, at age 65, after a lifetime of chasing those attributes I understand that Love is something I cultivated within myself and chose to act upon. Peace is also something I become as I heal my inner world and radiate my healed self as a light to others.

Post September 11, 2001, I sat in grief for days on end. My patient, gentle father passed away less than one month prior to the event and I went into deep contemplation about how we humans could create a more peaceful world.

Based on experiences I have had with the power of sending Love via prayer, I wrote an article called What If? In brief, I asked, “What if, instead of berating and reviling the persons or groups responsible for the event, we dealt with it from a higher perspective?” I proposed, “Envision these troubled humans — politicians, hate group members, terrorists — as tiny innocent babies. Hold them in your arms and give them the Love and emotional nourishment they never got.”


It is only in a state of recognizing our innate ability to Love in all circumstances and BECOMING peace itself that we can offer true Love and compassion.

Keep in mind that when I say “prayer” I do NOT mean this in the typical sense where you ask for what you want and walk away. This kind of prayer involves much more of your entire being and takes time and effort. It takes you to the highest level of spiritual connection and at its best must become an ongoing practice…a meditation.

A recent experience gave me a deepened understanding of all I suggested in my 2001 article. During the COVID-19 shelter-in-place recommendation I have been listening to treasured as well as new spiritual teachers. Two days ago I discovered Paul Selig (, psychic, teacher, and award-winning author of channeled texts. If you have trouble with the idea of “channeling” I invite you to suspend judgment until you read this article to the end.

As I listened to several interviews with Paul and heard a sampling of his channeled messages, “The Guides,” who I understand as guides for the whole of humanity, kept repeating one phrase: “You cannot raise the vibration of something you demonize.” This statement confirmed, for me, that I was on to something by envisioning a person or persons as innocent babies and immersing myself in the full experience of their original innocence, treating them as I would any newborn child.


Think about it, beginning with yourself. How can you ever expect to start or complete a project or follow a dream if you are filled with self-recrimination, the negative self-talk that arises moment by moment in the unhealed mind?

How can you have good relationships if you only see what is bad or contrary or “wrong” in your partner?

How can you hope to see peace if you are not peaceful within yourself and your focus is on all the non-peace in the world?

How can you expect to have humane governance if you continue to place your attention on greed, corruption, and treachery?

How can you hope for a sustainable world if you always spotlight pollution and unsustainable practices?

Attempting to create a more loving, peaceful world from the perspective of demonizing is impossible!

Before we can send out Love to the world, we must envision ourselves and others as pure, innocent, lovable, compassionate, trustworthy, patient and all other positive possibilities. I realize this is not an easy proposition in light of current events AND with dedication and practice it is humanly possible to Love in the face of hate.

I watched Native people Love and pray for the police who attacked them at Standing Rock with violence and many of the police left saying they could no longer torture innocent people. This singer, Ester Nicholson, offers Love in the same fashion as Martin Luther King

Personal experience with the transference of Love over long distances, even when the recipient does not know this is happening, tells me we this is something we can choose and learn. Yes, there have been times when I just needed to step away from someone filled with anger to regain my spiritual strength, but most times I’ve seen miracles happen by engaging the power of Love, overcoming the urge to react with returned anger.

This works because we are energetic beings. It is not necessary to be in the company of someone for them to feel our Love…not woo-woo hearsay or smoke and mirrors, but my personal experience as story after story in my memoir shows…Earth Divine — Adventures of an Everyday Mystic Our deep connection may be experienced when we let go of preconceived ideas that energetic connection is impossible. It blew my mind the first time I experienced the transfer of Love via prayer, positive emotion, and focused thought!

Love is the most powerful tool we have!

Those who perform heinous, corrupt actions are the most Love-starved humans on the planet. Do we continue sending them constant streams of condemning feelings or call up the greatest Love we can muster? We get to choose! How empowering is it to know that?!!!!

Here is how to use Love to full capacity as an act of prayer:

  • I translate the implementation of how The Guides see “raising vibration” in the following way: Whenever I see or hear of someone in the act of something I might react to as heinous, I remember the perpetrator is a human being who, like me, is on this earth to learn. They, like me, have a heart, dreams, hopes, emotions, and all that goes with being human.
  • If I want to see Love and peace in the world I must also see it and experience it everywhere I look. This means you must look beyond the disturbing act or behavior by engaging your heart and seeing from there through what I call a “Love Filter.”
  • Remember that you are one cell in a larger body of humanity. What you do to one, you do to yourself.
  • Remember that you cannot raise the energy of anyone you demonize. Calling someone “bad” or “evil,” thinking someone will never change or telling them so, is a direct reinforcement of who they think they are and the behaviors they exhibit. When you despise a person you deem as your “enemy” you are doing exactly what they do. Remembering at all times you are dealing with someone who probably missed out on nourishing Love during formative years, you can be the one to deliver it.
  • When a situation arises that causes you to have a negative reaction, catch yourself in that reaction. Review some of my articles such as 13 Signs That Wisdom is Overtaking Your Life
  • Sit quietly with eyes closed. Take several slow deep breaths and mentally set aside the situation that is causing your reaction. Lay your left hand on your heart and reach your right hand out to receive the ever-available essence of higher Love.
  • See the word Love in your mind’s eye. Recall times when you felt loving. See the faces of those you love. If it helps, play any music that helps you feel love.
  • Bring to mind the person who has done something you view as wrong. Imagine them shrinking down into the tiny baby they once were. Pick the baby up and say loving words out loud to the baby. Place your arms in the position you would if you were really holding a baby. Spend at least five minutes offering this baby your highest available Love.
  • Tell your friends what you are doing and invite them to follow these guidelines, open up their Love filters, and step into higher Love.

Be persistent. If the above exercise does not feel right the first time, keep trying. Practice strengthens the “Love Filter.” It is time to do something different than what we’ve been doing for centuries, meeting outrageous behavior with more outrageous behavior. I cannot do it alone…it will take ALL of us!

Only Love will get us where we want to go. Love is the Way.

Heart Seeds© 2020 by Robin Reichert

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